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Testimonials - Axis Physical Therapy


Well after two back surgeries, a fusion, and several knee; shoulder surgeries Axis put me back together so well that Im back to playing softball with the 20 year olds and I’m 62!  Axis has prevented me from a complete fusion of my cervical spine.  I am now do yoga, kike, run, fish and ski.  Without Axis and Aric I would have my  spine totally fused and most likely using a walker.  QUALITY OF LIFE = ARIC AT AXIS.” – Lee, Missoula

“We (our family of 5) have visited all of the therapists at one point in time and we feel comfortable and confident in each and everyone of them. Thank you for all of your expertise and prompt attention in working with our entire family to enable us to maintain our busy and active lifestyles. We constantly recommend you to friends in the community as we know you will give them the help that they need. You are miracle workers as you can diagnose the problems so efficiently and accurately, give us our set of strength exercises needed to fix the problem, and we’re on our way! We can’t brag enough about Axis Physical Therapy! You guys rock and we love you! The entire crew and Molly too!” – Pam, Missoula

“I actually enjoyed my rehab time at Axis Physical Therapy because of the atmosphere there and the ongoing communication about goals, needs and progress. I was so inspired by my treatment and progress there that I have maintained a five-days-a-week schedule of ongoing therapy for my surgically-repaired right shoulder and I’m feeling better than ever.” – Bill, Missoula

“Aric really took the time to help me with all of my injuries, even some that happened eight years ago. I had been given the same exercises by several different therapists over the years and thought I was doing great because I was doing 60 reps. Aric watched me do the exercises and noticed I was using the wrong muscles. When he showed me how to do them properly I could only do three! Thank you for taking the time to make sure I was doing things correctly and for enabling me to build the proper muscles to keep my back from hurting.” – Mary, Missoula

“Axis provided me with the training I needed to get back in shape, and back to the sports I love to do. Not only did I receive outstanding physical therapy, I also learned about my injury and my body. Their friendly and helpful attitudes made every visit enjoyable.” – Mike, Missoula

“I am constantly telling people how good you are at your work and as an aging athlete refusing to surrender the games of my youth, I have had occasion to call upon the skills of the therapists at Axis PT. Without exception, I have been treated by extraordinarily knowledgeable therapists who take the time to properly diagnose and create a treatment plan focused on getting back to better than pre-injury level. More important, they provide the tools to stay strong and avoid future problems. And, they do it all in a cooperative, friendly and supportive atmosphere. All is well – my back remains good with only residual soreness that I know how to handle!” – Randy, Missoula

“I have always questioned Physical Therapists and what they could do for me. But Aric has made a believer in me. Time and again I must have given that look that said, “I’m doubting just what you are saying and prescribing for me.” Aric never gave up on me. He has changed my posture and figured what was causing intense back pain (six locked vertebrae).  Aric is one of a very few Physical Therapists that look forward to dealing with a variety of back problems. Aric has worked with me with two knees and a shoulder as well. He is now my go-to guy!”– Michael, Canoeist, Missoula

“My husband, Chris Dahlberg, receives therapy from Aric for back pain and many times when he has felt the incredible discouragement that accompanies chronic pain, he has come home feeling relief not only physically, but mentally. Aric has really given him an emotional boost when he’s needed it and has been wonderful about squeezing Chris in when he’s in acute pain. Thank you!” – Denise, Grateful Spouse, Missoula

“Phenomenal, fantastic at reducing pain, and getting you back into your routines prior or faster than expected.  Axis PT is the best PT group in all the NW and I would recommend them to the entire planet, I can’t say enough about them. My family has been to them after knee, shoulder and back surgeries. they got me back into sports and activities with less pain and more range of motion faster then the doctors or they ever expected.”– Lee, Missoula

“I’ve had three surgeries since the age of 14. I’m 21 now and regret not doing physical therapy after the first two surgeries. Big mistake…
I started going to Axis after my third surgery, and instantly started noticing a positive change in my ankle mobility, strength, and stability. Although my ankle will never be 100% again, I strongly believe that Carissa and I have gotten it to the best shape that’s it ever going to be in, after the damage it has received. Carissa’s ability to determine what’s going on with my ankle, and what we need to do to fix it is strictly amazing. Some days I wasn’t able to do certain exercises for whatever reason, and so she would move onto the next exercise, and would come back to it the next day. Or she would try a different exercise for the same problem, and it wouldn’t hurt. Carissa and I were always willing to work around each others schedules whether it was early morning, or in between appointments. And I definitely thank her for that. And I will always go back to Axis if I ever need to again. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of Axis.
Aric, Rob, Ragna, Carissa, and Pam are truly amazing at what they do. I would, and already recommend them to everyone I know needing physical therapy. Keep up the great work! You guys are amazing!” 
– Ciera, Missoula

“Excels. Caring, professional, honest folks who take their clients needs seriously. The myofacial therapy I had with Rob truly exceeded my own expectations and he lost no time recommending an alternate style he felt would benefit my own needs best and referring me to the proper therapist. I would recommend Axis to anyone needing any style of physical therapy. They go beyond being mere business to a high community standard.” – Stacy Lee, Missoula

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